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We're Getting a New Gym!

Hey Team!

A lot of you know this by now, but I’m so excited to announce that we’re finally getting our own dedicated training space!

The gym is located on Toole Ave. right behind the Cenex station (right where Toole merges into Broadway).

The official move-in date is September 1st. Stay tuned for updates!

We Have A Purple Belt!

Congratulations Robert Domenech on becoming Zoo BJJ’s first purple belt promotion! Rob’s actually gotten a stripe put on that belt now, but he is no less deserving of finally getting some recognition.

Rob’s been training martial arts longer than a lot of us have even been alive, and his experience, patience, and all-around good-guy demeanor have been a tremendous asset to our team!

Thanks for training with us Rob, and we look forward to having you around for a long time!!

Our First Purple Belt!

Our First Purple Belt!

Lauren Wolfe, Blue Beast

The belts just keep coming! Well, actually, it’s been a bit, but Lauren Wolfe deserves the recognition all the same. This pic below was taken in late August at the IBJJF tourney in Las Vegas.

I can’t think of many other people so deserving of their promotion. Lauren has been a fierce training partner, and a class act off the mat!

She’s also got two MMA fights under her belt, with one of them a stone-cold KO victory!

A huge (super belated) congratulations, Lauren!



Sweet Threads

We got new shirts!

Everyone who wanted one should have gotten theirs by now. If you still haven’t, let me know and I’ll see if we have any left.

Thanks Lauren for showing off our new shirt design!

Thanks Lauren for showing off our new shirt design!

Helena Tourney Results (From October)

Hey Everyone,

It occurs to me that I never actually posted the results from our Zoo BJJ team from last October’s Helena tournament. My bad!

We had 5 total competitors (2 kids, 3 adults) who all walked out with some hardware!

Ryder Seward: Gi - Bronze; No Gi - Bronze

Keilan Schertz: Gi -Silver

Tanner Schroeder: Gi - Gold; No Gi - 4th

Davis Diede: Gi - Bronze; No Gi - Bronze

Gus Seward: No Gi - Bronze

Congratulations everyone, you represented us well!

Thank you Steve!

Just a quick post to say a huge thank you to Steve Maxwell and everyone who came out to support him and us during his seminar on January 26th.

He taught us a ton during about proper mobility, breathing, Gracie basics, and just about everything important to the BJJ lifestyle. You can roll ‘til you’re 70 and Steve is (almost) proof of that! Train smart, listen to your body, and remember what he taught us!


Tourney in Helena, March 10th

Hey Everyone,

The same company that put on the tourney last October is coming back in March! Early registration is open now for anyone who would like to compete. $79 entry fee gets you into both the gi and no gi divisions. Check the flyer for all the details.

Sign up and get all the details by clicking here.

Grappling Industries Montana Tournament

Grappling Industries Montana Tournament


Summer Open Mat Schedule Changes

Hey Everybody!

As summer is here and a lot of you will be off on various adventures, we will NOT be holding a formal open mat at the usual Tuesday time.

The time will still be available if there are some of you that would like to set up your own open mat.

If you are interested, please get ahold of any of the higher belts and tell them that you'd like to train, I'm sure you're not the only one!

We'll be planning on making the open mat official again after Labor Day.  Stay tuned for details!


Check out our Class Schedule to find out which times will work best for you.

Seminar With Sean

As we've been announcing over the past several classes, our own Rob Domenech's friend Sean will be in town to give a special jiu jitsu seminar.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, May 29th and will start at 5pm.  We expect that it will last at least two hours.

Sean has not finalized an official "schedule of events", but rest assured that it will be a great night of jiu jitsu!

The seminar will cost $25 with all the proceeds going to a good cause to be named later.  If you have any ideas on where the money should go, please contact Bob at

See you there!

Garden City Open BJJ Tourney Starts May 19th


The 2nd Annual Garden City Classic BJJ Tournament will take place at the Schreiber Gym on the University of Montana campus on May 19th, 2018.  We have had a few students express interest in competing, so here is a link to the official website.

-- There will be Gi and No-Gi divisions separated by weight class and belt level.

-- Women's and kid's divisions will also be available.

-- The cost is $50 for entering one division (Gi or No-Gi), and an additional $20 if you want to enter both divisions for your weight class/belt level.

-- There is also an Absolute division that is open to everyone that signs up for at least one other division.  Cash prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

-- Details are subject to change, so check out the link above or the official Facebook Page for current info.

-- Interested in getting up to competition shape?  Check out our schedule, email us at, or give us a call at 406-647-0255 to get started today!

8-Week Women's Only Self-Defense Class Starts Feb. 13th


Our latest round of Women's only self-defense classes will start Feb. 13th at 5:00pm.  This 8-week course is a great chance for women of all experience levels to get a sound foundation in both standing and ground-based self-defense techniques.  If you are interested in signing up, drop us a line at


2017 Holiday Schedule

We will be closed Monday, Dec. 25th - Monday, Jan. 1st in observance of the holidays, and so our floor can get a fresh resurfacing.

Normal class times will resume Tuesday, Jan. 2nd.

Thank you everyone for a fantastic 2017 and enjoy the holidays!