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Missoula Tourney Cancelled

Hey Guys,

Grappling Industries had scheduled their 3rd annual Garden City Classic in May, but they have since cancelled that event. Just letting you know since I know a lot of you were looking forward to it, especially those of you looking to enter your first tournament.

There are still tourneys in Spokane, Bozeman, Billings, and other places (kind of) around the area if you’re still jonesing for competition. I’ll post anything else I find out!

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Helena Tourney Results (From October)

Hey Everyone,

It occurs to me that I never actually posted the results from our Zoo BJJ team from last October’s Helena tournament. My bad!

We had 5 total competitors (2 kids, 3 adults) who all walked out with some hardware!

Ryder Seward: Gi - Bronze; No Gi - Bronze

Keilan Schertz: Gi -Silver

Tanner Schroeder: Gi - Gold; No Gi - 4th

Davis Diede: Gi - Bronze; No Gi - Bronze

Gus Seward: No Gi - Bronze

Congratulations everyone, you represented us well!


Tourney in Helena, March 10th

Hey Everyone,

The same company that put on the tourney last October is coming back in March! Early registration is open now for anyone who would like to compete. $79 entry fee gets you into both the gi and no gi divisions. Check the flyer for all the details.

Sign up and get all the details by clicking here.

Grappling Industries Montana Tournament

Grappling Industries Montana Tournament


Tournament in Helena, Oct. 20th


Hey Guys,

A lot of you have already expressed interest in this already, but there is a BJJ tournament going on in Helena on October 20th. The cost is $79 and will get you in to both the gi and no-gi divisions.

There will be men’s, women’s, and kid’s brackets across all weight divisions, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each division getting a sweet medal!

You don’t have to weigh in with the gi, but it would still be a good idea to keep your weight in check for the division that you want to sign up for.

This is a great opportunity to get a lot of competition matches in for a relatively cheap price. I highly encourage all of you that can make it to be there!

For more details and to sign up, VISIT THE SIGN-UP PAGE HERE.

Garden City Open BJJ Tourney Starts May 19th


The 2nd Annual Garden City Classic BJJ Tournament will take place at the Schreiber Gym on the University of Montana campus on May 19th, 2018.  We have had a few students express interest in competing, so here is a link to the official website.

-- There will be Gi and No-Gi divisions separated by weight class and belt level.

-- Women's and kid's divisions will also be available.

-- The cost is $50 for entering one division (Gi or No-Gi), and an additional $20 if you want to enter both divisions for your weight class/belt level.

-- There is also an Absolute division that is open to everyone that signs up for at least one other division.  Cash prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

-- Details are subject to change, so check out the link above or the official Facebook Page for current info.

-- Interested in getting up to competition shape?  Check out our schedule, email us at, or give us a call at 406-647-0255 to get started today!

Zoo BJJ - NorthwestOpen Tournament Results

Congratulations to our four representatives in last week's NorthwestOpen Tournament in Spokane!  Here are the final results:

Jen Schmill - Gi: 2nd place, No Gi: 3rd place

Gus Seward - Gi: 3rd place, No Gi: 1st place

Katie Eriksson - Gi: 1st place, No Gi: 1st place

Ella Fenton - Gi: 3rd place

Even though we only had four competitors, Zoo BJJ ranked in the top 10 of all schools that participated in the tournament this year!

As a special note, Ella, one of our 11-year-old Griz Jitsu students, competed one weight class above her own, and competed in the boys division!

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Bozeman Winter Classic - Zoo BJJ Results

A big congratulations goes out to our three Zoo BJJ participants in this year's Bozeman Winter Classic!  All three of you had tough brackets and did awesome!!!

Here are the final results:

Jacob Foster: Gi - 1st Place, No Gi - 2nd Place

Lauren Wolfe: Gi - 1st Place, No Gi - DNP

Katie Eriksson: Gi - 1st Place, No Gi - 1st Place

You represented us all well and we are super proud of all of you!


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Bozeman Winter Classic Tourney - Dec 9th


On top of the upcoming NorthwestOpen tournament in Spokane in January, there will also be a tourney in Bozeman.

The Bozeman Winter Classic will take place Dec 9th and includes men's & women's gi and no gi competitions.

The registration fee is $40 to enter both gi and no gi divisions.  Find out all the nitty-gritty details at

As always, you can check out our schedule here to find what time suits your training schedule best.  You can also see our different programs here.  We have something for everybody, so don't be shy and join a class!

BJJ Tourney in Spokane - Registration is Open

The BJJ NorthwestOpen Tournament in Spokane is currently accepting registrants.  There will be both Gi and No Gi divisions.  Registration is $50 for one division, or $60 for both.  These tournaments are a lot of fun and some of our students have definitely shown some interest in attending!

You can visit the NorthwestOpen homepage for all the details.


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