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July Tourney Results

Hey Guys,

Yep, I’m behind the times again. Here are some results from the Zoo BJJ reps at the Missoula City Championship tournament that took place in May:

Gus Seward: No Gi - 3rd, Gi - 2nd

Davis Diede: No Gi - 4th, Gi - 2nd

Jen Schmill: No Gi - 2nd, Gi - 1st

Josh Rader: Gi - 1st

Rohan Eriksson: Gi - 1st, No Gi - 2nd

Ryder Seward: Gi - 2nd, No Gi - 3rd

Athena Eriksson: Gi - 3rd, No Gi - 3rd

Great job to everyone, you did us all proud!