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Women's Only Classes

For those who don’t know already, we have women’s only classes starting up! Check out the schedule for current times.

These classes are taught by resident brown belt Amy Pavlock (pictured on the far right) and will cover all levels. There will also be a heavy emphasis on self-defense techniques as opposed to “pure” sport jiu jitsu.

As interest grows, we will be adding more time slots. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any time slot suggestions!

Karen, Katie, Jen, and Amy after class.

Tournament in Helena, Oct. 20th


Hey Guys,

A lot of you have already expressed interest in this already, but there is a BJJ tournament going on in Helena on October 20th. The cost is $79 and will get you in to both the gi and no-gi divisions.

There will be men’s, women’s, and kid’s brackets across all weight divisions, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each division getting a sweet medal!

You don’t have to weigh in with the gi, but it would still be a good idea to keep your weight in check for the division that you want to sign up for.

This is a great opportunity to get a lot of competition matches in for a relatively cheap price. I highly encourage all of you that can make it to be there!

For more details and to sign up, VISIT THE SIGN-UP PAGE HERE.

Training No-Gi for the Summer

Hey Everyone,

We're in the dog days of summer now and it's getting HOT!  So we all don't just melt off the mats, we'll be training no-gi for the foreseeable future.

You are of course welcome to bring your gi if you would like, but it won't be required.

As always, you are welcome to email us at if you have any questions.

Thanks all and we'll see you on the mats!

New Blue Belt Promotions!!


A HUGE congratulations goes out to our latest blue belts, Johan and Katie Erikkson!  Your dedication and commitment have been second to none and we are so proud of your accomplishments!

Have fun in Sweden, and we'll see you both in January!

Summer Open Mat Schedule Changes

Hey Everybody!

As summer is here and a lot of you will be off on various adventures, we will NOT be holding a formal open mat at the usual Tuesday time.

The time will still be available if there are some of you that would like to set up your own open mat.

If you are interested, please get ahold of any of the higher belts and tell them that you'd like to train, I'm sure you're not the only one!

We'll be planning on making the open mat official again after Labor Day.  Stay tuned for details!


Check out our Class Schedule to find out which times will work best for you.

Seminar With Sean

As we've been announcing over the past several classes, our own Rob Domenech's friend Sean will be in town to give a special jiu jitsu seminar.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, May 29th and will start at 5pm.  We expect that it will last at least two hours.

Sean has not finalized an official "schedule of events", but rest assured that it will be a great night of jiu jitsu!

The seminar will cost $25 with all the proceeds going to a good cause to be named later.  If you have any ideas on where the money should go, please contact Bob at

See you there!