Zoo’s Self Defense program is based on the Jeet Kune Do hybrid philosophy of blending the best of all martial arts to achieve a desired outcome, in our case, effective and practical self-defense. This program trains anyone to defend themselves feet to floor; so you will learn how to strike (punch, kick, knee, elbow and headbutt), knife and kali (stick) fight, traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self defense techniques and more. Like all programs your safety and well being is of utmost importance so instructors will ensure new students are slowly introduced to more realistic resistance over time. The ultimate goal is to condition your reflexes so that you can automatically react in a critical self-defense situation.

Classes at Zoo BJJ are taught Mon-Sat. A typical class will include an endurance-building warm-up, demonstration and practice of both standing and ground techniques, positional drilling, and finally live sparring (when ready). By combining a safe, friendly learning environment with quality instruction, we provide an atmosphere that fosters unparalleled mental, physical, and social benefits.

Our doors are open to all practitioners, whatever your martial arts training -- no judgments, no biases. Come in, leave the ego at the door and try a class. We would love to have you!