Here is What people are saying about zoo bjj

Absolutely love Zoo BJJ. Had no experience what so ever going in, but everyone in class we very welcoming and the instructor does an awesome job explaining and showing all techniques. Its a very safe and welcoming environment and I strongly recommend Zoo BJJ for all ages and experience levels.
— Jen S.
I’ve been with Zoo BJJ for four months and I always look forward to going. From day one everyone is welcoming and helpful. Bob is an excellent instructor and martial artist. Improvement can be seen on a daily basis with all levels of participants. My wife is also going and loves it (it’s humbling to have tap out to your wife). I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to start, they are already asking. Bob has an excellent kids class.
— Johan E.
I look forward to going to Zoo BJJ everyday. Everybody is great and very welcoming and we have a blast training together. I’ve been at Zoo BJJ for almost 6 months now and the fun that we have practicing jiu jitsu continues to increase. Practicing jiu jitsu has definitely made me healthier, got me back into martial arts training, and it has become one of my favorite hobbies. If you’re ever interested in practicing BJJ or seeing what it is all about, I’d highly recommend going to Zoo BJJ. Bob has a wealth of knowledge in regards to BJJ but more importantly he is an excellent instructor. If you’re interested in either martial arts, fitness, or just to try something new, then don’t miss out!
— Evan S.
My brother and I look forward to every class. The instructor is very welcoming, dedicated to progressing the sport, and a well rounded grappler. I recommend Zoo BJJ to everyone interested in the Missoula area!
— Jacob F.
My son and I just started. We had no idea what to expect. The instructor Bob has been very welcoming and the classes have been great for us.
— Nate B.
I have a little bit of prior experience in no-gi jiu jitsu, but i have been out of training for about three years. I started training almost daily at Zoo BJJ about three weeks ago, and it’s great. The technique is coming back to me pretty quickly, I am also learning quite a bit of new techniques. I am noticing a lot of improvement in other students whenever we roll as well. Bob Brown is a great coach, he’s always willing to stay after class and roll or answer any questions and I think that’s a big reason for the fast improvements that I see in other students and in myself. I strongly recommend Zoo BJJ.
— Taylor W.
My son goes here to learn Jiu Jitsu and he absolutely loves it. Bob is the best teacher and helps you learn at your own pace! Great place and great people!
— Julia C.
I joined Zoo BJJ two months ago, and couldn’t be happier. Bob is extremely knowledgeable and has a gift for instructing techniques in a way that is thorough, and easy to understand. Starting a new hobby can be intimidating, but everyone at ZOO BJJ was extremely friendly and welcoming,and have been awesome training partners. If you’ve ever been interested in giving Jiu Jitsu a shot, you owe it to yourself to stop in for a class!
— Adam S.
I went in to Zoo BJJ with absolutely no experience in any martial art or wrestling. What I found was a great team and fantastic instructor. Everyone is super positive and welcoming. Coming into the sport a little later in life than most, (40) I found BJJ is an amazing way to improve physical fitness, body AND mind. A little soreness comes with the sport but I feel better than I ever have. I strongly recommend BJJ, and ZooBJJ specifically, for anyone wishing to improve any aspect on one’s self!
— Wes D.